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tv   [untitled]    July 6, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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every nation represented here directly and urgently makes it clear that russia and china will pay a price the us secretary of state takes a shot at moscow and beijing claiming that the two are supporting also good as the us spearheads a pro rata on gathering. we were told that this district was cleaned the month ago but as you can hear. from here questions still continue. a firsthand account from the heart of the syrian uprising in our team goes to homes the scene of the fiercest fighting in the war torn country. was the pentagon minds kuantan a mowbray out for a multi-million dollar overhaul that's critics say the promise closure of the scandal ridden facility seems ever more unlikely. and russian lawmakers review
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a draft bill to name noncommercial groups funded from abroad as foreign agents a move opposition parties say could be used to crack down on activists. from our studios in central moscow you're watching r t with me and you so now it's good to have you with us four pm here in the russian capital now america's chief diplomat is threatening russia and china with consequences for what she sees as siding with the regime in syria and larry clinton was speaking at the paris conference of the syrian rebels q supporters live now to archie's peter all over who is following these developments peter it seems that russia and the u.s. are moving closer in fact on finding common ground on syria just last week was that all of false signal. well what we've heard is
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a vitriolic statement from the u.s. secretary general hillary clinton saying that russia and china will have to pay a price for what she sees as their support of the assad regime no this wasn't the only thing that hillary clinton not to say he said that russian helicopters were being used to kill civilians on the ground in syria now if we look closer at this there are some really inconsistency between where we were a week ago following the conference in geneva of international partners looking to you to find a peaceful solution to syria and what we're hearing this weekend now last weekend in geneva the u.s. seemed to be on side with the kofi annan but police plan would see it would keep plan which would see both sides both the opposition on the government forces lay down their weapons and trying to come to the table to find a solution now then what we've heard from russia with regards to these statements we've heard from hillary clinton today is the foreign ministry slamming in the
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secretary of state saying that under no circumstances one hundred russia ever supported or continue to support the assad government during the only going crisis in syria now with regard to those helicopters as well we've also heard from the foreign ministry saying that that just simply wasn't the case that yes there were a there is i beg your pardon a shipment of dismantled helicopters currently on its way from russia to syria however that once they arrived in syria that would take at least a month for them to be put together to be assembled so they clearly would be used right now for the purposes which mrs clinton is suggested so yes it seems they very inconsistent approach a very different approach from the u.s. secretary of state it delivering as they say a vitriolic statements more of a run to times than a considered political argument that she delivered in paris right artie's peter oliver live from central moscow thanks for that. let's get reaction to those harsh
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comments coming from the us from james corbett editor of the independent news and information about the corbett report thanks for being with us again james. russia and china will pay our price what exactly does secretary clinton mean by that do you think and and do you think that those words could possibly turn into action well they are just words but given that the diplomats stock and trade are words that's a pretty serious game of one upmanship that clinton seems to be playing right now and that's that's a pretty heated comment to make especially in the midst of an international crisis like this and i suppose the upside for those who are opposed to the united states unilateral action around the globe and i suppose the downside for people who are in favor of that is that it seems that the u.s. isn't really able to transfer those words into actions by themselves so i think tellingly clinton also went on to call for the sixty other nations in the so-called friends of syria group to to join in on the action and to make sure that russia and
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china understand but they will feel some sort of blowback from their actions in syria which i think indicates that really the u.s. doesn't have much diplomatic leverage to use directly against russia and china all they can do is try to convince other nations to reduce trade etc so so at this point it's very unlikely that these action these words will directly translate into u.s. action of some sort but but it is i think a very dangerous game for the u.s. to be playing to to make such politically explosive statements in the midst of an international crisis and really shouldn't just say that russia and china will pay but you know that everyone at that friends of syria meeting supports that very strongly she really is accusing the countries both of the countries for standing up for the al assad regime and therefore blockading progress in the conflict how far do you think that assessment is. well it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black especially after the new york times report that came out a few weeks ago confirming that the cia was aiding in arming the syrian rebels and
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was actively involved in ensconcing some of their members in turkey across the border and after a time magazine report today confirms seventy two million dollars in state department funding that has gone to the arming and training to syrian rebels so to to make the basis of this charge simply that russia and china are in some way aiding in some nebulous and undefined waiting be on the side regime kind of goes to show that they don't have a lot of i suppose ammunition to use in that charge whereas i think all of the evidence stacks up on the other side that the so-called friends of syria been actively involved in arming and training and funding the opposition from it is since the onset of this crisis if not before it seems though that last week we had progress the geneva meeting saw the world really unite on russia's long help position that pressure should be put on both sides of the syrian crisis that is why i just a week later are the friends of syria not sticking to that it seems like we're making a circle here for
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a while that seeming turnaround would be absolutely be will during if there was the sense that whatever agreement was reached last week was really what what beef so-called friends of syria actually want to play out in syria i think what this does is it goes to show yet again if any more indications were needed that sort of from the outset of this this entire crisis the the endgame the end goal has been to to remove all assad that his government so i just don't think that this is truly a negotiation process and we've seen the light being given time and time again with kofi peace deal and what happened in geneva last week and now with these comments once again it's turning to the fact that a cold fact that the only way out for the friends of syria and the only thing that they've offered on the table so far is for all assad to step down and it looks like they're not going to stop until that happens. but just briefly do you think that those who do think that the friends of syria say and their support could be you
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know we could see any better alternatives to leave the country. in terms of the people that the friends of syria are supporting. in terms of what they're proposing and i say well i just don't i don't think that the what's on the table right now would be an acceptable solution in terms of resolving the conflict because of course if the entire him is to simply replace the government with the armed opposition that that's fighting against it right now then since that opposition consists of sunni's i think what we would inevitably see playing out is a strong reaction and and a potential massacre of shiites and alawite not to mention the syrian christian population so i think there has to be a solution that can involve some sort of. power imbalance that does not mean that there will be a reaction against the other groups and this is obviously something that's extremely difficult to achieve i mean so much hangs in the balance that it's really quite remarkable that for example clinton would be making these types of remarks
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right now especially when without the aid of russia and china that type of negotiated balance settlement is absolutely impossible so it's not particularly be will the ring that these comments would be made right now. i just want to touch on one more thing that clinton spoke about briefly she made an explicit meshal of syria's chemical weapons given that they're certainly not been used in this conflict and it's pretty well known fact really why do you think
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military. in fact in this area this is he can see behind me the city cemetery almost untouched actually while the rest of the city looks completely like the cemetery buildings schools mosques all in ruins and no sign of life while many signs of this is one of the tallest buildings in the area and we can see from this balcony two completely different pictures two completely different realities look there beautiful pictures peaceful city while over there well we can see war homes the opposition hotbed has always been at the heart of the
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uprising against president assad. is a real job omran that if you could have been the epicenter of the clashes between the rebels and the army since it's been shelled heavily now so you can see it's quiet here but just steps away just misses away another big. company and this is where the things are happening right now it's standing behind these raised strange rice quite safe but from time to time missiles reach this area to this is why would hurry up but what about another home state district as you can see also most completely destroyed everything shops building schools even mosques we were told that this district was cleaned from turkey months ago but as you can hear not far from here questions still continue so we were actually told not to go any further i just simply dangerous. soldiers come to our location tell us the rebels woke up so we leave. just
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a fifteen minute drive takes us to use you know the nature of. the people here and to take you know. nice round people here. there's no fight here we're living like one big family. talking to the small. it's easy to get to the truck tonight just a few blocks away. holmes syria. and another take on the syrian conflict this time from wiki leaks more coming up on that for you the whistleblowing group promises to cowes more light on the dealings between damascus and western companies after starting a massive release of secret e-mail exchanges. but first america's notorious kuantan m o detention facility in cuba is now set for a major renovation the pentagon's reportedly finalizing upgrades including undersea
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cables and state of the art military equipment that's despite pledges by obama to close the prison which many see as a place to keep undesirables they can't be prosecuted locked up the details now from our. forty million dollars will be spent to lay out this underwater fiber optic cable from south florida to cuba where the guantanamo bay prison camp is located the base commander said it only makes sense if we're going to be here for any period of time an infrastructure project like that may well suggest that the u.s. military is preparing for detentions and other operations at the guantanamo base for the long term when president obama was first running for office he pledged to shut down guantanamo in very strong terms in two thousand and nine he even signed an executive order to close it but not only did not shut it down but the u.s. is obviously renovating guantanamo in this case by proving communications and the argument is you don't make such an investment to pick up and leave guantanamo has
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made a black hole in america's human rights record indefinite detention torture around eight hundred people went through the camp within the last decade of america's war on terror the majority of them had nothing to do with nine eleven that's according to a former chief prosecutor at guantanamo now the prison houses one hundred sixty nine . detainees the government says eighty nine aren't both right but president obama and congress have blocked their release as for the rest some of them have a shot at a military hearing but forty six don't have that chance because the government says they can't be tried for one reason or another the u.s. supreme court keeps refusing to take up one tunnel detainee's petitions what has been striking to many was that the u.s. prides itself on the rule of law and human rights but at the same time has the night legal process to these detainees practice torture and not just think one tunnel but in secret prisons around the world human rights organizations that they should report on all kinds of violations but to the u.s.
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it's been like water off a duck's back well attorney eric one paul secured the release of guantanamo inmate he believes the facility is looming overhaul exemplifies the disconnect between political promises and actual policy we have people that are being detained without due process without hearings which is antithetical to anything that america stands for on one hand you know we're closing the base but on the other hand we're crafting the state of the art you know penal institutions in the united states you're saying one thing and doing the complete opposite so i think it's a lack of integrity on our government i think we need to evaluate you know why we're spending millions upon millions of dollars on something that should not even be there in the first place. british lawyer professor philip sounds who was involved in a number of high profile cases that came out of america's war on terror next hour tells us of some of the torture techniques approved by the bush administration.
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they adopted in the autumn of two thousand and two in the u.s. department of defense a series of eighteen techniques of interrogation arranged in three groups and the first group was. shouting and screaming. the second group. so to speak and included sleep deprivation the use of dogs to induce fear the. cat who through the worst of all included waterboarding the use of water to induce this perceptions of suffocation and i was interested to find out how a country which has turned its back against torture could have moved to adopt these techniques of interrogation. russian lawmakers are mulling over a plan to brand all foreign funded noncommercial organizations and gauged in
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political activities as foreign agents they do is to make such groups finances more transparent but critics say it could be used to attack the opposition movement or to go there now joins us live from the state duma with more details arena tell us more on why the activists are so opposed to making their finances transparent. while this draft law has actually been in existence for more than a week but already it has heated up rather a screwed up or rather lively discussion in the various are groups and spheres of life now at the masterminds behind this was say that it's it is necessary for the country because it will put a tighter grip on that the noncommercial are going to see actions against ceo's it will also make them more transparent and a lot of allow the government to control them better something which is. they believe that it is direly needed in the country now they're also saying that some of the proponents of this draft law are saying that this is necessary because some
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of the ceo's may have been involved in the protests which have been sporadically breaking out in russia over the past several months and since they're being financed since the m.c.i.'s which are being financed by the from abroad it does look like they're a buy they are essentially controlling the meddling in russia's internal politics with the foreign money and they believe that is unacceptable so they are saying that also a similar laws do exist in other countries for example in the united states the fair or the foreign agents registration act and since nobody seems to be complaining about those and why shouldn't russia have a similar law as well now the opponents of the laws say that this basically will make the existence of human rights organizations in the country very next to impossible very strongly hard they are saying that these n.c.o. is already being a very tightly controlled they're also saying that this particular draft law in the way that it exists right now is unconstitutional and way too broad of
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a call this is a lot of years of not just the ngos as you may imagine but also hospitals and schools a lot of these are going to get their funding from abroad and they do believe that this is just another way for the government and for the majority coalition party in this state do like the united russia this is just another way for them to increase its so-called power vertical does seem like a lot of the state duma deputies are actually have spoken out in favor of the draft law so if it is in to that we may see it become effective by the end of this month . all right archie is a really good reporting live from the state duma. here's a look at some other stories worth checking out as we see it on our website. tom smoke no fire british police blocked a major highway in search of boss passengers at gunpoint after an electronic cigarettes parked terror a bomb. and
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a very real fire in the north of moscow helicopters called in to extinguish the blaze in an air force academy hangar you've got photos and video for you at our teen dot com. the whistleblowing group wiki leaks hopes to shed more light on the syrian conflict it's making the headlines again with the release of so-called syria files millions of leaked e-mails supposedly exposed pocker see in the west dealings with damascus more on this now from our london correspondent sara first. this is the biggest release since we had table gate which gave us the u.s. diplomatic cables and a really unique insight into the workings of the u.s. government now the syria files is even bigger than that it's supposed to be eight times bigger than the u.s.
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diplomatic cable leaked in terms of documents and a hundred times bigger in terms of data now in the same way that we saw the u.s. diplomatic cables released its thought similar things going to be happening with the syria files wiki leaks have partnered up with different media organizations around the world and they go three the data and released this in small stages now so far from what's been released already we've had a very interesting insight into the workings because these are the e-mails that were being exchanged between senior political figures in syria ministry figures corporations around the world the first e-mails that were released we showed that an italian company had been providing communications to the syrian police and the syrian army now they that contract is signed back in two thousand and eight when relations with the syrian regime were much stronger with the west and it shows that the technical assistance with still being provided as late as february of this year
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say you know clearly that company more than happy to continue providing that assistance even as the violence he claimed a huge number of lies in the country and so you know i think probably there's going to be a lot of very nervous companies around the world is going to be a lot of nervous members of the syrian government certainly as we kill it's once again has this major coup in providing us with you know a very unique glimpse of what is going on now julian assange to release a comment three one of his spokesman sara harris and she said on his behalf that what these files were aiming to do was not to embarrass or critique one side or another it was aimed to give us really an understanding of what was going on and he said that it was anything. understanding the cult like that we'd be able to find some sort of resolution see a poignant was from the man himself who is a cools the moment fighting is a very. he's in the ecuadorian embassy here in london still he thinks the best they
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get that it's this into sweden and again in the us if he was sent to sweden. to forget when he least editor julian assange has been hosting his groundbreaking talk show here on r.t. you can watch all twelve episodes at our dot com. i'm julian assange. that is true of wiki leaks expose the world secrets these documents belong united states government being attacked by the united states strongly condemn. illegally shoot one hundred days now i've been detained without charge. hasn't stopped. the day we're on a quest for relief ideas that can change the world tomorrow. look now at some other top stories from around the world portugal's constitutional court has struck down the government's latest austerity packages on wall fall it said
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cuts to pensioner and public worker bonuses and vacations could go ahead as they promoted inequality it's a harsh blow to the government's austerity program and is likely to mean deeper cuts elsewhere portugal was given a seventy eight billion euro bailout from the e.u. last year to save it from bankruptcy. armed gunmen have forced to oil terminals in eastern libya to halt production ahead of libya's first post gadhafi parliamentary election on saturday the protest comes after threats to sabotage the rudiment demanding a more equal allocation of seats the current set up will see western libya dominate parliament at the expense of the oil rich east on thursday the main depot for election materials in the east was hit by a suspected arson attack. there's no shaking with dimitri and the business task and the side continues in who won't be russia's third largest oil company doesn't lead
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the russian shareholders into m.k. b.p. may significantly increase their stake in the british joint venture a fifty fifty entity with b.p. now the russian billionaires all for access written over a group or a says that it will officially offer to buy a house of b.p.'s stake or twenty five percent and thus gaining control over the company and this offer will be will be done within the next two weeks the shareholders have been in a long dispute over investment projects in russia namely arctic exploration the north stream gas pipeline. and on the russian market what we're seeing right now is a negative picture of the r t s m i six declining one percent but that's after several sessions of consecutive growth so we're seeing this to such a long correction already but if we take a look at the main movers on the my six you'll see that pretty much one of the only companies which is gaining this point seven percent so investors are really
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welcoming this is a move v.t. b. and burbank and financials are hit the worst this hour down more than three percent and almost two percent respect now on the european markets it's quite quiet it's a lot to negative this hour. this is ahead of crucial deployment dates are coming out of the from the united states and around three minutes time non-farm payrolls will have that report of course any indication of a slowdown could mean a recession risks in the u.s. are high if you get. now in currencies we're seeing the euro drop or slightly versus of the dollar but this is a continuation of a long drop we see in the past two sessions and the russian ruble is weakening against the basket of cards. now sylvia says we see you bailouts can't be ruled out of the fitch warned it has one of the weakest a banking markets in central and eastern europe the country's finance minister
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added that a bailout will only be needed if the lenders problems get bigger. and one hundred seventy two economists have written an open letter to chancellor angela merkel saying she's open germany up to huge on their own jets and other you states by gry a banking union this is michael dismiss the economists fear as she says that the union is first of all about better banking supervision and that's as urgently necessary that's what i have for you to sell that i have the minutes with an update iraq will see that thanks for that update coming out peter in the valley and his gasp are over the conflict in sudan in cross talk but first the headlines just after this.
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culture is that so much different and there's a huge music issue apparently trying to hide from the marquesas the arab spring finally coming to sudan as the protest movement grows the regime of al bashir appears to have limited options with the control. lines russia would be so much brighter if you knew about songs from fans to question some.


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